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update for the Month of May

Journal Entry: Tue May 12, 2009, 2:47 PM


Officially first unofficial Trading Card Game for the Samurai Duelers League where SDL members can create their own cards and decks that can actually be played in the real world (after general tweaking and play testing)
Of those of you who are familiar with K-Lynnette's Infractus Fatality, and how a crazy TCG was created by Napalm-Otaku & conmandamned for the fun of it. Well that was where i got my current concept for a SDL version of it but i would even happier if the members of SDL could make cohesive Trade Card Game with actual decks that if in the real world would theoretically be played like a real trading card game!

Updates and News

Greeting Contributors, Watchers, and those of you who are just stopping by,

well it May and if you haven't seen the boards for SDL:TCG coverage of Sakura Bowl are up! i don't think a lot people will jump on making cards since this time around i am not going to send out notes for it...why? well when i started Winter Brawl i send a note to all the contestants; however some notes didn't make it, while other had forgotten about their cards so i think i going to need a little brain storm from anyone willing to help for making the last 2 cards - Dembe and Takeshi Katsuo. these two are last ones that need to be made, so we might as well wing them, also doing their art is up for grabs, so comment if you're willing!

PS - while on the brief subject of art, if you have volunteered to do art for the winter brawl set, please show me some progress please. i know i said don't rush to do the art, but i do wish to see something

in other news I am opening SDL:TCG to SLI related cards! why? well to help expand the on what little we have right now. i select a prime symbol the set , credit for making it is wandering-ronin
SDL-SLI Charm: Double League by wandering-ronin

Table of Content

SDL Members who have contributed to the project


Artist Roster

sign up today plz!

- artistic volunteers -
art done for
Madoka Ito by Dragon-Knight333
Nuwan Clearmorning by tsukikage-ryu
Kersa Sakuya by TheSixofHearts
Aurelio D'Seles by Alamus
Kaito Kichirou by <open>
Laine by wansworld
Sakana by kingLoL
more to come hopefully

Based off of popular OC tournament

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wizardofkitty Featured By Owner May 12, 2009   General Artist
Erm. Um. Right! I'll get on that after I detonate my post-finals art block!
SamuraiOfTheGrove Featured By Owner May 12, 2009
i understand after doing a lot of school related things people tend to get the nasty case of artist block
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May 12, 2009