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Update for August '09

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 2, 2009, 9:02 AM
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Officially first unofficial Trading Card Game for the Samurai Duelers League where SDL members can create their own cards and decks that can actually be played in the real world (after general tweaking and play testing)
Of those of you who are familiar with K-Lynnette's Infractus Fatality, and how a crazy TCG was created by Napalm-Otaku & conmandamned for the fun of it. Well that was where i got my current concept for a SDL version of it but i would even happier if the members of SDL could make cohesive Trade Card Game with actual decks that if in the real world would theoretically be played like a real trading card game!

Updates and News

Greeting Contributors, Watchers, and those of you who are just stopping by,

alright people this is going to be a short update.

Due to a financial oversight on my part, my time to create cards has been cut in half in order to earn money. However i will attempt to make a few cards if possible. On that note i will take any request on cards start today

Table of Content

SDL Members who have contributed to the project


Artist Roster

sign up today plz!

- artistic volunteers -
art done for
Madoka Ito by Dragon-Knight333
Nuwan Clearmorning by tsukikage-ryu
Kersa Sakuya by TheSixofHearts
Aurelio D'Seles by Alamus
Kaito Kichirou by <open>
Laine by wansworld
Sakana by kingLoL
more to come hopefully

Based off of popular OC tournament

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